Classic Series : Production no. 1

This was our first production series. The primary woods are Quilted Maple and Mahogany, trimmed in Wenge with Bubinga legs. The Maple was cut from an 8/4 piece that was bookmatched and shaped to provide a continuous flow of the grain. The top is beveled approximately 2" in order to lighten the edge of the top. The sides were coved and then tapered to give the piece some movement into the shaped bubinga legs.  We use quality 95* Brusso stop hinges and mortise locks when appropriate.

The piece was driven from the Quilted Maple that makes up the top and sides. I had a desire to showcase the beauty of the Maple in a way that drew the eye in and tempts the viewer to touch its surface. The interior is lined with deer suede leather and contains a 3" x 6" oval mirror. The dividers are made from 1/8" mahogany strips, giving a variety of storage options. It is finished with multiple coats of Sam Maloof's Poly/Oil finish and topped with several coats of Sam Maloof's Oil/Wax, polished to a satin finish that begs to be touched. The piece is approximately 9" wide by 7" deep by 3" tall.

This piece currently resides in Florida.