Flat Screen Television and Component Cabinet

We were commissioned to produce several pieces for the Kings Peak Room within the Lodges at Deer Valley condominium hotel complex in Park City Utah. We were asked to clean up their audio visual presentation in the room that had existed of two 42" flat screen televisions mounted to a wall and the corresponding AV equipment sitting in the open on shelves placed below the televisions.

Upon reviewing the property, its architecture and the room it became evident that we would need to stay within the Western/Mountain design, using rich wood tones and grains. We were also asked to hide away the AV components, presenting another challenge all together. While reviewing the room we observed 3 catering cabinets that were in use and had already been built to reflect the room. With this in mind the designs took off.

The client also asked to have the televisions flush mounted within the wall, but due to this being a partition wall only, this was not possible. What we came up with instead were two flat screen frames and an AV cabinet that would sit at the far end of the room. The frames would turn the televisions into pieces of art and the cabinet would reflect the other cabinets in the room as well as provide extra counter space for their catering needs.

The pieces are produced in Knotty Wester Red Alder with a natural finish. The frames are approximately 36" tall by 48" wide and 8" deep. They were built to allow several different manufactures of 42" flat screens to be installed if the current televisions ever failed (as they were already several years old). The cabinet is approximately 32" tall by 30" wide and 30" deep. The tile top reflects the tile tops in the other cabinetry pieces currently in the room.

These pieces currently reside in Park City, Utah and are available to the general public to view. Please stop by the Front Desk at the Lodges at Deer Valley property and they will be happy to direct you to the Kings Peak room to view the pieces. Please be aware that the room is a working hotel conference space and often holds private parties, so please check with the front desk for availability to view the pieces.