Kane Tsugi End Table

I was hired to produce a set of end table/night stands for a client that was looking to freshen up a dated bedroom set. They had decided to retain a few select pieces and asked that the new tables reflect those pieces in color and grain, aside from those restrictions I was left to my own devices (often the best way to work). 

The result was our first edition of what I am calling the Kane Tsugi series. The Kane Tsugi is a Japanese woodworking joint that literally translates into right angle. The joint is a beautiful and simple joint that is high in difficulty and mystery. The joint is also extremely strong and lends itself to many different applications. 

The tables are produced in Western Red Alder with Wenge inlay and accents. The pieces were a joy to make and hold several slight Asian design influences from the undercut bevel of the top to the stretchers. The drawers also hold a secret in that they can be pushed in flush with the face of the table or pushed in an extra 1/4" revealing a hidden Wenge accent. The legs are tapered in two planes, lightening the base and giving the piece some movement. They are approximately 30" tall by 20" wide and 14" deep. 

The set currently resides in St. George, Utah.