Northstar Series : Production no. 1

The primary woods are Quilted and Tiger Maple, Mahogany, Black Walnut and American Cherry. It is trimmed in Black Walnut, Cocobolo and Cocobolo legs. The piece was our first production as a men's catch-all. Knowing that we would be targeting our male audience it became clear that a masculine and appealing design was needed. The design was inspired by our vast Western skies here in Utah.

The piece was a challenge to produce, with hand-planing and shaping the star points taking the majority of production time. The Quilted maple top pieces are cut to order the flow of the grain into one continuous motion, highlighted by a slight curl in the Cherry star points. The interior is lined with moose suede leather. The dividers and lift out tray are made from 1/8" mahogany strips, giving a variety of storage options. It is finished with multiple coats of Sam Maloof's Poly/Oil finish and topped with several coats of Sam Maloof's Oil/Wax, polished to a satin finish that begs to be touched. The piece is approximately 9" wide by 7" deep by 4" tall.

This piece currently resides with a collector in Sweden.